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Enneagram has been something that I have valued for quite some time.  It has provided a mechanism for me to understand myself and others in a better and deeper way.  We recently had Katie come speak to our office team which was incredibly helpful and insightful to our collaboration and team culture.  It spurred many quality conversation and changes.  I was so impressed I had her present the Enneagram to my roundtable of entrepreneurs.  They were blown away and have dived head first into learning more since Katie provided such an excellent overview of the Enneagram and how it can be used to transform lives personally and in the work space.  This is time well spent – I highly encourage you to speak to Katie on how she can help you harness this most excellent tool.

Kevin King
Legacy Financial Group

Katie has found her calling!  She led our Book Club to find their numbers and educate us on how to be the best version of God designed us! It's like our eyes have been opened!  Katie also helped my husband and I walk through a tough time while he was in the hospital and stress was high.  She taught us how to focus on how the other one was dealing with our STRESS and how we could implement the STRENGTH of our numbers - all so we could better love and serve each other.  I am so grateful for her wisdom and clarity.  

Life changing. 

Jennie McCoullough

Katie worked with our team of high performers to better understand the Enneagram numbers and how to use this information for ourselves and for others.  Our team had a wide range of familiarity with the enneagram, and she did a great job of speaking at a language that was relatable for everyone.  By the end of the session, every team member had a stronger understanding of themselves and how to use this information in their interactions with others in the workplace or with family members.


Our team was so fired up after this session, that they wanted more from Katie so we will be bringing her back for Enneagram 201!  We see this as very valuable training to ensure we are able to continue performing at a high level and to even ascend higher.  I highly recommend Katie to any leader who is looking to introduce this tool to their team!

Kendall King
Castlepoint Wealth

Enneagram sessions with Katie were productive, insightful, and valuable.  After meeting with Katie, it is very clear that the enneagram is her love and passion.  Her knowledge is impressive!  She was quickly able to pinpoint my number, wing, and subtype which has lead to a tremendous amount of self discovery and growth in a few relationships.  I specifically loved getting a follow-up email with a detailed summary of our session, resources to refer to, and other various bits of knowledge that specifically pertained to my number.  Katie is an excellent listener mixed with a warm personality which makes meeting with her comfortable and fun.  I’m thankful for our time together!

Angela Macrae

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